Welcome to my blog!

Are you reading this because you have a fistula? Well you are not alone!

I made this blog for a couple of important reasons:

First and foremost, I want to share my story in hopes to help other women who may be suffering with a fistula. I wanted a safe place where I can share my story and allow other women to comment or ask questions as they wish. Having a blog allows for that and will give us the ability to communicate effectively in one safe (hopefully) place.

Secondly, I really want to shed light on this dreadful issue at hand. RVF’s should be preventable. The problem is is that there are NO recognized statistics on how many American women actually have this condition. RVF and VVF are prominent in third-world countries, such as Africa, due to a depleted medical advancement in technology and most of all, the poverty which creates health inequality among women.

RVF’s should not be occurring in America  in today’s medical advancement and by creating this blog, I hope to reach out to those who have the connections to make change to impel them to embark on the idea of educating the medical and public about this issue and help prevent this from continuing on, as it continues to devastate the lives of such a vulnerable and underestimated but distinctive and robust cluster of women.

With this blog, I plan to address this issue and place awareness to those who read. I want this issue to be recognized. RVF still exist in America and there needs to be awareness in order to address the issue!!!

There is so much to say… Please continue to inform yourself about RVF’s.. Knowledge is power!

If this is the first thing you have read on my blog, I suggest the next thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the condition I have. In the categories section “Important Links to information on RVF’s”, I have placed links that will guide you to a few informational videos and a movie, and some excellent sources. I will also have a category called “What is a RVF” which will have information that I retracted from online sources (cited of course) and also information I have become familiar with while doing my own research.

Sarah Kramer (formerly Benjamin)

12 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. I have had a R/vaginal fistula for ten years – manageable until six weeks ago. Now constant and heavyandcomplicated with an attack of Shingles in the genital area.
    I am 91 years old and desperate – in great pain and discomfort.

  2. Hi Sarah!

    I just came across your story and I’m in the process of recovering from surgery due to an RVF. I’m also in the Bay Area and also went to UCSC!! I graduated in 2010!

  3. Would like to you about fistula surgery and sexual function. I had a failed vaginaplasty trying to repair the fistula. I was wondering if you had any nerve damage or damage to the walls after your surgeries. I’m 24 and worried how to move past this

  4. Hi Sarah, my name is Mikki and have been dealing with RVF for over 23 yrs now and going on my 5th surgery the Stoma and muscle from my leg. I am terrified!

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