Graduation 2013

Hi all..

In June of 2013 I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Sociology. I am so very proud of this accomplishment. There were some ups and downs during this time.. I had a hard time focusing during a portion of school because of the two failed surgeries but, once I found Dr. Margolis and he promised to heal me, I saw the light.. and I conquered through it.. Image

4 thoughts on “Graduation 2013

  1. Hey Sarah!! I’m so glad I ran across your story and am very thankful to know this can be fixed. I had my third baby 2 months ago and had no problems up untill 2 weeks ago. I noticed bowl movements coming from my vagina after i passed gas and was to scared and confused to say anything about it. Thanks to you I will be calling my dr in the morning to set up an appt to see where to go from here. Thanks a trillion!

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