September update : Dr’s Show!

Hi all,

Thank you for following me.

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be on the Dr’s Show for an update on my surgery.

Dr. Margolis and I will be on the show together. We fly to LA on 10/24 however, the show will be aired on a later date. Stay tuned.

I will be discussing my post op recovery experience, our Uganda trip, and my ideas on spreading the word on fistulas (help on writing a book or bringing this attention to the medical arena).

As far as the fistula goes… I am still healed… I am happy and I am living my life… Without that evil thing… I have been able to travel since healing… Here is a picture of me in the Azores!



4 thoughts on “September update : Dr’s Show!

  1. Hello my name is Elizabeth I have had a rectal vaginal fistula for 10 years and have tried to fix them please call me 360-815-3022 thank you I have some questions ok?

  2. Please Sarah could you email me I have had so many failed surgeries I am trying to have confidence this one last time it would really help me if you would reply. Thank you

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