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Here are some descriptions I found of what a fistula is

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” The World Health Organization has called fistula “the single most dramatic aftermath of neglected childbirth”, estimating that more than 2 million women live with fistula worldwide. But, it fears even this number may be a gross underestimate. Short of death, the most devastating effect of neglected childbirth is obstetric fistula, a hole that forms between the vagina and the bladder or rectum during prolonged, obstructed labor”  –

“Obstetric fistula is a severe medical condition in which a hole (fistula) develops between either the rectum and vagina or between the bladder and vagina during childbirth. The fistula usually develops during prolonged or obstructed labor when the baby’s head is pressed into the mother’s pelvis. If not treated in time, the pressure stops the flow of blood into the pelvic organs and can kill the tissue and leave a small hole in her body. Without surgical intervention, urine, feces or both may flow through the gap, causing a lifetime of incontinence, infection and shame.” –