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Results of 2 week post op

My 2 week post op went well. According to Dr. Margolis, everything looks great and is healing well. The fistula is closed. When he told me this, I was reaching for the bottle of champaign to pop it open and celebrate… but he says lets not just yet. He says he is guardedly optimistic about the repair. Once I see him again in 4 weeks, and examines me and finds that the fistula has not opened, then we can start celebrating… So again, we spent an hour in the room, him answering all my questions, one by one! The concerns I have had these past two weeks are normal (blood in stool and pain while urinating). He said that during his 20+ years of practicing and doing these procedures and the experience he has, the few that failed, failed within the first week (same with all the physicians he knows that do them). He said that I will be continuing to heal throughout the next 4 weeks and to expect slimy, yellow/clear mucus to discharge. The fact that it is bothersome to still sit is normal he says. He told me to continue doing sits baths and also take a stool softener once per day. We also talked about Uganda. He penciled me in to travel with his organization from September 21 – October 1.. I have to get all my shots taken care of. We also talked about raising some awareness and at the same time asking for donations to pay for my expenses to go to Uganda (2,000). He said he’d be willing to come to my school and talk and make speeches and show a power point with his travels. We also took a picture together.. All in all, it was an amazing day and I am so thankful.

2-week post-op appt

Hi all!!!!!!!!

I am happy to report NO RETURNING SYMPTOMS!!!

Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since my surgery! There have been a few concerning issues but not to worry!

I have my 2 week post op appt tomorrow and I have a list of questions that have come up since the surgery. Can’t wait to see him, thank him, and find out that (hopefully) everything is looking great!

I will post back after the appt….